About Us

Established in 1907, Thexton is celebrating 110 years of manufacturing and delivering great tool ideas to the automotive market. Automotive specialty tools remain the primary focus geared specifically for the professional auto mechanic and technician.

Thexton has kept in stride with the constant changes in the automotive market by introducing ten to twenty new products every year.

What we offer...

  • 20,000 square foot office and manufacturing facility
  • Staffed and equipped modeling/machine shop
  • A Research and Development department with Computer-Aided Design
  • An electronic design and assembly facility
  • A complete packaging facility                                                                                                            

Management Staff

Ross TichyPresident rtichy@thexton.com
Ross has been with Thexton for 10 years working in Product Development, Marketing, Sales & Purchasing. Call him at (800) 328-6277 ext. 124

Brian Tichy, Chair of the Board btichy@thexton.com
Brian has been with Thexton for over 40 years. More than 20 years in R & D.

Matt Toporski, Director of Sales & Marketing mtoporski@thexton.com
Matt has been in the automotive industry for 10 years from sales and marketing to training and income development. Call him at 952-955-8789

Josh Oachs, Senior Product Development Engineer
ASE qualified in Engine Repair, Electrical/Electronic Systems, & Engine Performance. Contact Josh with any new tool ideas joachs@thexton.com or 952-955-8783

Tom Wolfe, Vice President of Operations twolfe@thexton.com
Contact Tom if you need information about manufacturing from purchasing to shipping.

Dennis Harder, Engineering Consultant dharder@thexton.com
Our technical expert, Dennis has been involved in technical engineering from hot-rods to ATVs for over 40 years.

Lisa Tyson, Computer Support ltyson@thexton.com
Lisa has been with Thexton since 1991 and is responsible for collecting, sorting and analyzing all the data.

Lauire Pahssen, Customer Service: (800) 328-6277 or customerservice@thexton.com