Professional Refract meter

Professional Refract meter


Requires just one drop to measure refractive index of solution. Tests anti-freeze (EG/PG) protection and battery electrolyte (state of charge). Features Fahrenheit and Centigrade scales for anti-freeze plus a scale showing degree of battery charge.

Has calibration adjustment and adjustable focus. Includes small screwdriver, eye dropper and padded case. No. 10107/10608/10702 Replacement bulbs for anti-freeze and battery testers.

Fit Cold-Chek® and Charg-Chek® Testers. No. 10107 fits Cold-Chek® 100, 101, 102 and Charg-Chek® 115. No. 10608 fits Cold-Chek® 106 and Charg-Chek® 117. No. 10702 fits Cold-Chek® 107.

  May Cause Cancer and
     Reproductive Harm
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